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Test d'Evalutation de Français

The French Academy is the only accredited center in Malaysia. It was originally created in 1998, has four different versions which are recognized by the French Government, the Canadian Department of Immigration, and Québec's Minister of Immigration.

TEF is a French proficiency exam awarded by the CCIP, the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris, through its accredited exam centers worldwide. All our tests do have Listening and reading exams as online version only. There are 4 TEF available:


TEF for studies in France

Specifically aimed at foreigners wishing to enter a French undergraduate or post graduate program. The certificate is valid for three years.

Image by Willian West

TEF for French citizenship

Specifically aimed at those wishing to apply for the citizenship program in France.


TEF for Canada

Specifically aimed at foreigners wishing to live, study or work in Canada.

Image by Shawn Lee

TEFAQ for Quebec region

Specifically aimed at foreigners wishing to live, study or work in the French speaking region of Quebec, in Canada.

Diplôme Français Professionnel

The Diplomas in Professional French (DFP) are language certificates intended for all students and professionals who wish to obtain a certification of their level of competency in French in a professional context. The tests are open to candidates over the age of 16. There are 3 DFP available:

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DFP for business


DFP for tourism industry


DFP for international relations

How can I prepare for the TEF or DFP?

You may want to take our dedicated training courses at The French Academy, individual or group class. More details here :

Lots of content for revision and exam preparation can also be found online, on the website of

When can I take the TEF or DFP?

Check out and register with us for our next sessions on our page Tests and exams

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