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General terms and conditions


In order to comply with the quality agency’s requirements which granted us the accreditation for Exams and diplomas, here are the rules that shall be respected and accepted by every student subscribing for a class or a package of classes / lessons with The French Academy.

  1. All our packages have a time validity of 4 months (18 weeks). Any class that has not been taken during this time validity is considered void and not refundable unless an extension is granted by the management.

  2. Any package that has been started with a minimum of 1 class is not refundable in any case. An Extension of the validity can be granted on a case by case basis.

  3. Any package paid but not started will be refunded with the deduction of an administrative fee of 10%

  4. A schedule of the 10 sessions package is planned at the beginning of the package (holidays, travels…) with the Academy.

  5. One absence by package is accepted and not counted, provided it is either noticed at least 24 hours before the class, or excused on a case by case basis (sickness…).

  6. If the student does not come at a given class, except for the case mentioned before, it will be deducted from the package.

  7. Regarding exams carried by The French Academy, such as TEF, TEF Canada, DFP and other exams, once the exam is paid, no refund will be possible, whatever the reason. The candidate can ask to postpone his exam to a further date at any time, provided it is a minimum of 10 days before the date of the exam, if not the candidate must take the exam at the date planned. If the candidate cannot attend the exam for a case of force majeure, proof (documents of flight cancellation, doctor certificate…) shall be submitted to The French Academy within 5 days after the date of the exam, for submission to the Chamber of Commerce of Paris for validation or refusal of the application.

  8. Regarding group classes, online or at the academy, by respect for other students, the teachers have all authority to refuse or accept a student who is late.

  9. All payments shall be made before the beginning of the package or class, unless prior approval by the management.

  10. No student shall be accepted to class (online or on campus) without management approval if the payment of his/her tuitions fees is not complete.   




By registering to The French Academy classes, the client hereby consents and agrees that THE FRENCH ACADEMY has the right to take and use photographs, pictures, drawings, recordings audio and video during class and live session with a teacher or during a homework session at home.

This right to image is given to The French Academy for an extended period of 1 year after the last class has taken place, and is valid in any media and social media (digital and printed), in Malaysia and outside Malaysia, for display and commercial purpose.



Should the client disagrees with the use of his image or his children image, he shall opt out by written message to The French Academy or its partners, decision that will be acknowledged in return by The French Academy marketing director.

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